Resting Teacher Face S'well – Glass Knobs and Glue Stix

Resting Teacher Face S'well

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Resting Teacher Face! Grab this personalized S'well style bottle to say Thank You for putting up with your kid all year long!

- 100% Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
- Pearl Coated Ceramic
- 11oz or 15oz Capacity
- Large handle for comfort (4 fingers)
- Permanent Inks are Printed on, no Scratching or Fading.

- Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel
- 17oz Capacity
- Vacuum Insulated Thermal Bottle
- Rated 12 Hours for Hot Liquids
- Rated 24 Hours for Cold Liquids
- Secure Screw On Lid
- High Quality Inks are Printed On, No Scratching or Fading.
- Hand Wash Recommended to Maintain Integrity of Stainless Steel.
- These are S'well bottles without the word "S'well" on them. So, technically not authentic S'well brand, but the exact same quality.


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