Custom Pillow – Glass Knobs and Glue Stix

Custom Pillow

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You Be The Designer with these beautiful, soft pillows!! Your desired text/image is printed on.

- Pillowcase dimensions-15"x15"
- Image is printed at 8.5x11”
- Zipper Closure
- Peach Skin Feel (Seriously Soft!!)
- High quality inks are printed on

****HOW TO ORDER****

-- Email a high resolution JPEG or PNG photo or logo to 
*I will send a mock up and you can make 2 changes. I charge $5 for every mock up thereafter.

Actual colours may vary due to different monitor displays. Mock ups are merely to show placement and a rough size. Achieving exact colours would be literally impossible. Why? Because they are two different formats. On the screen (digitally) you see an RGB colour format. On the print (physical), one can only print in CMYK format.
Mock ups are always more “brighter” than the actual product for this very reason. Digital and physical are two different things. Mock ups are just an approximation of colour.

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